Why Roscoe Outdoor Pants Fit Almost Anyone – Even People Who Can’t Find Pants Elsewhere

Why Roscoe Outdoor Pants Fit Almost Anyone – Even People Who Can’t Find Pants Elsewhere

Roscoe Outdoor Pants are known for their exceptional fit! Here’s the backstory – in form of five bullet points – on the tremendous effort we’ve put into getting the sizing right, so that they work well for almost anyone, even people who can’t find pants elsewhere.  

  • We start the design and fit process with athletes in Red Lodge, Montana who climb, bike, ski, and hike. We pattern and re-pattern until we get a perfect fit and design. This means our pants are designed for people who get out and after it, and take into account things like strong quads and calves.

  • For women, we’ve found that offering straight and curvy fit styles is the best method of delivering a great fitting pair of pants, so that’s what we do. Whereas with men the approach of offering a range of waist and inseam lengths seems to work best; we offer 14 men’s waist x length options. 
  • What about inseam lengths? Women’s inseam lengths step up very slightly from a 31 inch inseam on a size 2, to a 32 inch inseam on a size 12. Men have the option of 30 inch, 32 inch, and 34 inch inseam lengths. However, we are willing to custom hem our pants to any inseam length desired for an additional charge of only five bucks. We want to deliver perfectly fitting outdoor pants to as many customers as possible.

  • As a small company we take customer feedback seriously ... because our success depends on it! We constantly strive to take thoughtful comments and incorporate that information into future products. Listening to our customers is what making great fitting/performing outdoor apparel is all about.  

  • Because we listen to our customers ... we often hear them tell us that Roscoe is one of the few places they can get a flattering, comfortable, functional pair of pants. For example, check out our interview with mountain guide Betsy Manero. She wears a women’s curvy size 2 and says, They’re probably the best pair of climbing pants I’ve ever owned. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Brad Schenck (pictured below) is 6’4” and wears a 34”x34” – a size that can be hard to find what alone get right.


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